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21Bet Bonus Code

21Bet is no longer operating in the UK. Please select another bookmaker from our list of recommended bookies here.

Sports available on 21Bet

Sports lovers are well provided for at 21Bet. Whatever you fancy watching, there’s a great range of sports and markets to choose from. In total there are around 25 sports supported by the 21Bet platform which you can bet on. Football fans will be happy to hear that 21Bet excels in giving odds for a variety of football leagues all across Europe. It’s also worth noting that 21Bet is the shirt sponsor of Watford FC, indicating their commitment to football betting.
If you’re interested in other sports, you’ll also find a range of great offers for tennis, rugby, horse racing and many more besides. 21Bet also offer a number of great accumulator bets, where you can bet on a range of sports and make some serious cash if your bets hit. On accumulators you can bet on up to 15 different results at any one time.


21Bet Mobile app

You can enjoy everything that the 21Bet website has to offer by accessing the mobile version of 21Bet. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this 21Bet review, the app is not available on Android nor on iOS platform. There is some information in regards to 21Bet, who are working on an Android version as we speak and we hope that a version will available for future use. From the mobile version, you’ll be able to enjoy betting on all your favourite sports, make deposits and withdrawals and get access to all the great promotions, like the 21Bet sign up offer.

If you’re using a mobile device, then you’re in luck and you’ll be able to use the 21Bet mobile version on a range of different mobile devices. In order to make use of the 21Bet, you’ll need to have an internet connection whilst placing your bets. We also always recommend having the latest version of iOS or Android in order to make the best use of everything that 21Bet has to offer.

Payment options with 21Bet

However, you most prefer to pay, 21Bet will have it covered. They allow for players to pay and withdraw using all of the major payment platforms. Whether you prefer a direct transfer from your bank, using VISA Debit or Mastercard, or you prefer using an e-wallet service like Neteller, we’re sure you’ll find the best way to pay for you with 21Bet. Here’s a list of all the platforms which are supported by 21Bet.

  • VISA Debit
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Players should note in this 21Bet review that the maximum deposit allowed from 21Bet is £3,000 per week and £6,000 per Month. This is because 21Bet are a relatively new company, and don’t yet have the resources of the big players.

Live streaming and In-play market

Unfortunately, at this time, 21Bet doesn’t have an option for online streaming either on your mobile or the 21Bet website. However, there is a great range of options to bet in play with the 21Bet in-play markets. You will be able to bet on up to 25 different sports using the in-play options. And with the 21Bet sign up offer, you can take advantage of a range of live action today.

21Bet Customer support

If you have any issues, or just fancy a chat, then there’s a range of ways to get into contact with 21Bet. Their helpful team of professionals are ready to deal with your query and help you through whatever issue you may be experiencing. In order to get information to your questions your first port of call should be the FAQ section on the 21Bet website. Here, you a find a range of answers to questions that you may have concerning something like the 21Bet sign up offer, or other issues relating to your account.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, then you can get in contact directly with 21Bet’s team by using the Livechat function. This is the fastest way to get direct answers to any specific questions that you might have. You can access this by going onto the 21Bet website. Alternatively, if you’re query is more complex then you might want to consider emailing.

21Bet Roundup

21Bet is a great new addition to the world of online sports and casino betting. It offers generous overall odds and a massive range of sports and markets. In order to get the most out of your 21Bet experience make use of the 21Bet sign up offer, which will set you off on a great start to hopefully some spinning and some winning.

21Bet has announced a sponsorship deal with the Irish Premier Division football team Waterford FC.

Lastly, we recommend you to play responsibly. In case there is anything that concerns you regarding this matter, then please visit and find out more about responsible online gaming here. 

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Very Good


C Thorne


Really good

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Serve it with rice and peas, boiled white rice or hard food (boiled green banana, yam and dumpling), mashed potatoes or couscous. A great choice for Sunday dinner or special occasion. You will be happy you did. Enjoy!!

Lucy McCann


it was good

The sign up process was relatively easy and it was easy to use, both the website and the sign up process. The live chat was useful to raise questions about the website and how you use it. I have not tried the bookmakers app personally but after using the website it is definitely something that I would like to try in the future. It was easy to deposit funds. I will consider using this website again as I have enjoyed it and think it was better than a lot of other websites that i have used prevosuly in the past and so i would consider using it again. it was quite easy to withdraw funds and deposits which has been a big problem when i have used apps previously in the past. i am excited to continue using it and find a reliable website that i really enjoy using and that i trust and i want to continue to use this in the future. I am not worrried about using the app also as i think if it was anything like the website was then i am used to it and i think it will be well organised and the live chat can be used to find out how to use it.

amy dickson


Lost some, won some

Signing up was nice a simple, only took maybe a few minutes at most. MY granny could even do it no problem at all. Honestly i don't know too much about odds value but from a noob, they seemed pretty good compared to other gambling websites.

I first deposited ten pounds to start with, and 21bet then gave £30 free bets! Which i thought was fantastic, until i played through all of it, not winning sadly. But, that is gambling, it is a risk! And very exciting!!

One thing i really liked about this website, was that there was an online chat and customer support, just incase you were feeling a bit lonely compared to going down to your local bingo hall! And also if anything was too confusing, someone was there to help you out.

Theres is also so many different things to gamble on, football, horse riding, grey hounds, darts, tennis, cricket, snooker, golf, slots, black jack, roulette, table games, scratch cards and more!! There are endless things to bet on, so you never get bored or fed up betting on just horses for example!

One thing i liked about 21bet, they ask you if you want to limit yourself, so you don't spend too much in one sitting, or one day etc.

One word to explain 21bet, FUN!

mark evans


Very good site with great offers

The sign up process was really easy to navigate and understand ,it also has a lot of information to help u if u get stuck .the odds are of good value on the site .They have made it easy to deposit with a few different options to do so .U can deposit via bank card or via pay by phone bill which is a great option to have available to us .The withdraw process is very simple as u can just withdraw straight into the bank account linked to ur account .They also have a great customer support available to us .I have used the live chat once or twice to sort any small or major issues out and the staff are always more than happy to help .the app is an easier option than the browser version as it loads alot quicker and has a little more information available to help anyone that needs it .the app loads alot quicker than the browser version and keeps u logged in for easy access at any time of the day .I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of signing up .I like the refer a friend option because if I refer a friend then I get some credit in my account as well as them

Mohamed Salha


My Experience with 21BET

The sign up process was very simple and easy. I signed up on my phone and had no problems. Also getting in to place bets was simple and instant. there was no lag at any of the tables and, as the games were casino games, the odds were very fair! the live chat was smooth and flawless and i liked the fact there was no delay in your winnings showing up in your balance. The online support chat was amazing. I got an instant reply from an employer through the app which was great and aided me with my queries. I have tried other apps but did not find them as smooth and lag free as this one. It was very simple and easy to withdraw funds. everything was set out very clearly and logically. One way in which i feel the site and experience could have been improved was by making the minimum bets and the maximum bets more clear. The number of markets available was good, there were lots of different games to play and different areas to explore and it was simple and easy to get in and out of games/ tables. The customer support was perfect. I would highly recommend this site.