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Commercial Content | 18+ | T&C's Apply

Betdaq Promo Code

BETDAQ are offering a welcome code for new customers. Receive your first month’s commission back as cash up to £1000 for new customers who register with the promo code. (T&Cs apply | 18+)

Betdaq promo code

Get the Betdaq Promo Code here!

How to Claim the BETDAQ Promo Code

BETDAQ are, as with most bookmakers, offering welcome offers to attract new customers. Currently, they are offering a month’s betting in the exchange with commission returned as cash for new customers. You just need to use the BETDAQ promo code.

Here’s how to claim the BETDAQ promo code:

  1. Visit BETDAQ’s website
  2. Click on the ‘Join Now’ button on the Home Page.
  3. This will take you straight the registration form. Simply fill out your details in the sections provided.
  4. In the Account Details section, make sure to enter the BETDAQ Promo Code. In the box marked ‘Promotions Code’, enter the Betdaq promo code. After entering the code (as shown below), accept the terms and conditions of using an account with BETDAQ. Then you’re almost good to go.
  5. Click ‘Open an Account’ and your account will be ready to use. As soon as you have made a deposit into your account, you will be able to bet in the exchange with 0% commission for 30 days (from the date of registration).
Betdaq Promo Code

Last updated 28/1/18

With the BETDAQ promo code, you can get your first month’s worth of commission with the BETDAQ as cash. This welcome offer is eligible for all new customers. It is also valid for all sports within the betting exchange.

The bonus code entitles you to 30 days of commission free betting in the exchange. 30 days after registration, the 0% commission rate will return to the standard rate.

This welcome offer does not apply to multiples or enhanced odds. As always, all terms and conditions apply, and BETDAQ reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time. (T&Cs apply | 18+)

Get the Betdaq Promo Code here!

Betdaq Betting Exchange

As with its larger competitor Betfair, BETDAQ offers both back and lay sections in its exchange. This is what set a betting exchange aside from traditional bookmakers.

More and more bookmakers are opening exchanges, and it seems like punters are enjoying having the option to place bets in the exchange as well as (or even instead of) traditional bets. There are a number of reasons as to why this is the case.

In a betting exchange, the bettor is not placing a bet against odds pre-set by the bookmaker. Instead a punter will ‘lay’ odds within a market set up by the bookmaker. For example, if Chelsea are playing against Arsenal, the bookmaker will set up the market, allowing for bets to be set on this match.

The bettor may decide that they think Chelsea will win 1-0. In traditional betting, they would simply lay money against the odds set by the bookie. Here, they can set the odds themselves and lay their stake behind those odds. They can set the odds at 3/1 if they want.

The next bettor in can either set their own odds, or can take up the odds offered by the first. This means that you are never in competition with the bookmaker, only with fellow punters.

BETDAQ never change the odds offered within the exchange. They merely set up the markets and facilitate the betting itself. They make their money through commission made on winning bets.

BETDAQ charges a flat 2% commission fee to customers on all Exchange Net Market Winnings. This is what they refer to as the “Normal Commission Rate”.

With the BETDAQ promo code, you can receive your first month’s commission back as cash up to £1000! (T&Cs apply | 18+)

Get the Betdaq Promo Code here!

BETDAQ Sports Markets

The BETDAQ promo code applies for all bets made in the sports markets of the betting exchange. BETDAQ has a decent range of sports markets, though not as many as the likes of Betfair.

They have markets in football, rugby league, rugby union, tennis, golf, cricket, basketball, American football, horse racing, greyhound racing, formula one, boxing, MMA, GAA, ice hockey, and darts.

This isn’t exactly the biggest list of sports, and the main problem with the BETDAQ betting exchange is that even in this reasonably short list, the liquidity can often be fairly poor. This just means that there is not always enough bettors in each market to enable you to find a bettor for your lay.

Within the big football markets there should be no problem. And for anyone wishing to lay or match small bets, then the betting exchange is perfectly good. The problem arises if you wish to make a large bet. This can only really be guaranteed to be matched in the Premier League market.

Live Streaming

Unlike many major providers, BETDAQ unfortunately does not offer live streams of any sports or events directly on their desktop website. However, it is possible through the BETDAQ Mobile Betting App.

In Play Betting

For betting exchanges, in play betting is really an essential part of the market. All of the major bookmakers offer in play betting options these days in their betting exchanges.

BETDAQ also offers in play betting options in all of their major betting exchange markets. This ties in nicely and works well with the live streaming option that can be accessed through the mobile app.

BETDAQ Mobile App

Just like the BETDAQ website, the app is functional and pretty easy to understand. It is not the best looking app, nor is it the best looking bookmaker’s website. But BETDAQ is always easy to navigate and easy to use.

The app is especially useful for horse racing, as it comes with inbuilt betting tips. It gives you information on the form and a write up for each horse. This all comes free with the BETDAQ mobile app.

Why join Betdaq?

BETDAQ has the second largest online betting exchange in the world. It also has the second biggest share of the UK betting exchange market. Only Betfair has a larger betting exchange.

BETDAQ is fully licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Since 2013, it has been operated by Ladbrokes. The company So although BETDAQ may not be the most recognizable name in the industry, it is well regulated, and run by one of the most reputable names.

Following the guidance of the Gambling Commission, BETDAQ do provide good aids to responsible gambling. They have a section on their website outlining their dedication to helping pundits. This also has advice on how to protect yourself from dangerous gambling.

Also, like other sites, you can set your limits on BETDAQ. Simply go to the bottom of the web page, and click on ‘Set Your Limits’ to find out more, and to put restrictions on your wagers.

For deposits, BETDAQ accepts VISA and Mastercard credit cards (with a 1.5% fee), and all major debit cards (Maestro, Delta, Solo, VISA Electron/Debit, Laser) with no fee. You can also deposit via bank transfer, cheque, Neteller, Moneybookers, or Paysafecard for free. The Minimum deposit payment is £10.

In terms of assistance, you can call their customer support hotline. Calls from the UK cost 13p per minute plus the normal charge from your network provider.

Like other bookmakers, BETDAQ does have a live chat function, but it is not operated 24 hours a day, and on two occasions I found it not to be working during normal working hours. You can also contact support by email, or submit a question to their support team online.

The biggest reason to use BETDAQ is the exchange. Especially when using the welcome offer that you can get with the BETDAQ promo code, betting on the exchange is as attractive as ever. You can receive your first month’s commission back as cash up to £1000!

It is useful to have a more in-depth look at how the BETDAQ betting exchange works though.


Overall, BETDAQ is a good option for using as a betting exchange. Though it doesn’t have the size of Betfair, it does offer a decent range of betting markets. Especially in the major football markets, liquidation is good.

It can sometimes be difficult to get a match for your lay bets in the smaller markets, so perhaps it is best to stick to the large markets (mostly in football) for your bigger lay bets.

However, with the BETDAQ promo code, the betting exchange is definitely worth using. With this welcome offer, you can receive your first month’s commission back as cash up to £1000 for the first 30 days after your registration.

This promotion is sure to bring new bettors in and certainly makes the BETDAQ betting exchange an attractive place to bet. Just remember when registering to enter the BETDAQ promo code.

Get the Betdaq Promo Code here!