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Matchbook Bonus Code

There has never been a better time to join Matchbook, one of the UK’s leading peer-to-peer betting exchanges alongside Betfair. Matchbook allows for customers to take more control over the bets they place and the odds on offer, and promises never to limit or restrict winning accounts. And now, new customers can receive up to £500 cash back on commissions paid in the first 5 weeks when you register using the Matchbook Bonus Code 2018 (T&Cs apply, 18+).


Matchbook Bonus Code 2018
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Matchbook Betting Exchange
Why Join Matchbook?
Matchbook Casino
About Matchbook is one of the nicest betting sites around, and is easier to navigate than many of the other major bookmakers. With slick visuals, and a simple column of betting markets down the left of the screen, you won’t get lost. Alongside the Matchbook Bonus Code for new customers, Matchbook offer promotions around special events like the World Cup 2018. These offers will become available closer to the events.

If you run into any problems, you can call easily reach Matchbook’s customer service. The site also has an excellent FAQ section, and you can live chat with a member of their support team. We tried the live chat, got through almost immediately, and found the staff to be helpful and well-informed. Setting up an account is easy, you just need to remember to enter the Matchbook Bonus Code when registering.

Get your Matchbook Bonus Code

Matchbook Bonus Code

Matchbook Bonus Code 2018

Free BetsUp to £500 Bonus
Min. DepositNo minimum deposit
Odds RequirementsAll odds applicable
Wager RequirementsDependent on commission accrued
Matchbook Bonus CodeClaim Bonus Code

See full terms and conditions here.

Then once you are registered and start placing bets you can earn back up to £500 from the commission you pay on bets in the next 5 weeks. It’s as simple as that. It is important to know that you will need to make your first deposit using a credit or debit card in order to be eligible for the Matchbook Bonus Code 2018. If you use any other payment method for your first credit then you will not be able to take advantage of the Matchbook Bonus code.

How to claim the Matchbook Bonus Code

Here is how to join with the promo code:

  1. Go to Matchbook below
  2. Fill in the registration form
  3. Enter the Matchbook Bonus Code MAXSPORT
  4. Make your first deposit using a credit or debit card
  5. Meet the minimum level of bets and commission in order to be eligible for cash back

To take advantage of the sign up offer:

Get your Matchbook Bonus code!

The Matchbook Betting Exchange

Matchbook is different from most bookies. You don’t bet against the house with Matchbook, instead it works with a betting exchange, where you are betting directly against other customers. Matchbook set up the markets, but they don’t set the odds. You can offer up odds and lay a stake for someone else to bet against. Or you can bet against odds set by other members. So it’s all between you and the other punters.

You can take the role of the bookie for once! If you’re feeling pretty pessimistic and decide that England are never going to win the World Cup you can set odds against them. Others can then accept your odds and bet their money against theirs. This way, if England lose, you win your bet. And if they win then at least you can have a party to celebrate a sporting miracle.

Matchbook don’t interfere in the odds of your betting so you know that they can’t be tweaked in the bookies’ favour. It is just you against Joe from down the pub. Matchbook make their money from small commissions taken from each successful stake. If you were right that England wouldn’t win the World Cup, and won £100, you would owe Matchbook a small fee (commission is usually around 1%, so on this bet you’d only pay £1).

But remember, for the first five weeks of playing, with the Matchbook bonus code, you could earn commission back up to £500! So not only can you be in charge of the odds and wagers unlike with traditional bookie sites, you can do so commission free for five weeks with this promotion.

For full details about how commission is calculated on the betting exchange click here.

Why Join Matchbook

Matchbook Bonus Code Sports

Other major betting sites also offer betting exchanges, but Matchbook specialises in peer-to-peer betting. This is not a side venture for them, but their main and only concern. As such, Matchbook is set up in order that the punters take home as much money as possible from their bets. The commission at Matchbook is lower than any other major site currently, with lay bets set currently with a commission rate of 0.75%.

Remember, you can currently sign up using the Matchbook Bonus Code 2018 and receive up to £500 cash back on any commissions payable in your first five weeks. This welcome offer means that now is the perfect time to try out the Matchbook betting exchange. (T&Cs Apply, 18+).

Sports Betting with the Matchbook Betting Exchange

Football is—like most UK bookmakers—the main market in the Matchbook betting exchange. There are lots of options with high liquidity and traffic in the Premier League, the World Cup 2018, the Champions League, Europa League, most top-flight European leagues, and major internationals. You can even bet on fantasy football in the Matchbook betting exchange.

Again, like other UK bookmakers, Matchbook are sure to have a special offer for the World Cup 2018. Bookmakers are competing for your bets around these major events. Expect Matchbook to have a unique promotion come Russia 2018.

Aside from its large and strong football options Matchbook has fewer markets than many of the major sites, but they control the markets in such a way that all open markets have a large level of liquidity which means you can enjoy the low commission rates on the betting exchange. They are adding more markets as time goes on though, and beyond football you still have lots of choice. Tennis has many options in the Matchbook betting exchange as well, with the ATP Tour and WTA tour covered fully by the site. Other markets include MMA, boxing, golf, and cricket.

Horse Racing has recently been added as an option on the betting exchange, and now has many options for races across Britain and Ireland. Make sure to check for up an coming Horse Racing event promotions. The biggest betting event in the UK all year.

If you like American sports, then Matchbook has you covered as well, with a larger set of options on MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA. The NFL and NBA in particular feature high levels of liquidity, far beyond that of Matchbook’s biggest rival.

So if you think that you know who will win the NBA All-stars game, or if you are certain that Canucks won’t win the Stanley Cup, then head over to the betting exchange, sign up with the Matchbook Bonus Code and put down your stake.

Matchbook Casino

If you need of a break from Sports betting, casino offers a wide range of classic casino games. You will find poker, roulette, and blackjack along with others such as baccarat and slot machines. They even have the option of playing with a real dealer in the Video poker and live casino areas. Of course, the Matchbook bonus code isn’t valid for any bets made in the casino. But there are other Matchbook casino bonuses that you can buy into from your account. The Matchbook Casino on the site does make more attractive as an all-round entertainment destination.

You can also make bets through the Matchbook Colossus which gives the opportunity for large jackpot wins on specific bets. The jackpot can even go as high as £10,000,000.

Matchbook Mobile App

Matchbook Bonus code Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to access the betting exchange at your convenience. You can easily take advantage of the bonus code when you’re on the go. It is set out similarly to the website with an equally straightforward layout. It is, overall, a sleek, neat, and simple looking app with little fuss. You can lay and match stakes, and while it might not show you as much as the desktop version, the app is a great alternative to logging on using a laptop or PC.

The app also has a great section that lets you know what the hot markets are at any given time. This saves you from scrolling through dozens of options to see where everyone is placing bets. There is also a section of previewed events, with write-ups for all major events that are likely to become hot markets themselves.

You can also access the Matchbook live casino through the mobile app. The app is available on both Apple and Android, though Android users will need to visit the Matchbook site to download the app. The apps are subject to your app store locations and download requirements.


The Matchbook betting exchange offers a great alternative to placing bets against the house as with traditional bookmaking. You go up against your fellow punter. With low commission and excellent levels of liquidity (especially in the football markets) Matchbook is as good as any betting exchange.

With the Matchbook Bonus Code 2018, you can get up to £500 cash back on commission paid within your first five weeks of membership. After the five week period of the welcome offer, Matchbook still takes a very small commission rate compared to other sites.

One of the biggest problems punters can face on betting exchanges having no one to match their stakes. This is why Matchbook only opens markets when there is a reasonable level of liquidity. Your stakes should have a good chance of being matched by someone else. Especially in the football markets, you should have no problem.

About Matchbook

With very strong football markets, Matchbook is a great option for your betting. You can also take advantage of the variety of betting possible for US sports—especially American Football and Basketball. If you’re wanting to try out a betting exchange, with this bonus code, you’ll get a great deal. Good luck in the betting exchange!

Matchbook launched in 2004, and was bought by UK investors in 2011. It has grown since then getting more and more successful. It licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission in the Channel Islands and the UK Gambling Commission. The liquidity of the betting exchange is only growing, and so it really is an attractive option for your wagers.

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